Thursday, February 11, 2010

We did it !

At 1:03 PM, Thursday February the 4th, we had our first goat kid born here at the micro farm ! We were really hoping for a little girl or two, but it turned out that it was just one big (for a Nigerian) baby boy ! He's such a beautiful little thing, and it is a shame we won't be able to breed him, as his Dad is yet unproven, though from VERY good bloodlines.
If nothing else, we learned a lot of good things. I have an understanding of what to look out for the next time we breed Dolce, and we learned what a good mama and a good kidder she is! She was being very skittish in the days leading up to his birth, but as soon as he was out, she cleaned him up and gladly accepted some baby food (she loves to eat the baby's leftovers !). To top it off, she is even more tolerant of our little Frost-T, now that her own little boy is here.She is even letting the little piggy nurse, which is very unusual. This means that if we ever have an emergency in the future, we know that we have a doe that will readily adopt babies in need !We're trying to separate Frost-T at night to make sure that the little guy is getting enough food,but I'm also thrilled that Frost-T is getting to be a goat's goat...mama raised babies have nicer personalities in my opinion.
I'm just in love with these little creatures. Dolce is like a friend and a helper. I love watching motherhood in all its forms, and she is such a good mother.She may not have perfect show qualities, but she makes up for it in good character. I love the routine of caring for the animals, and I can't wait to start milking in a few weeks ( once we know baby boy is getting his fill). It's so much fun learning; we even witnessed our first vaccines, disbudding, and banding this past Sunday.
So today, our little boy is one week old. t seems his name is Billy Idol. what a silly billy he is :o) He has at least one moonspot on his shoulder, like his Daddy, where Mama's moonspots are on her neck. He also has ticking spot like Dolce, except his are are carmel on white. very cute boy !

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